Episode 028: Our Offerings

Sheila and Maria share all the details of their exciting offerings for 2019.

"We can raise a generation of children that is vibrant, that is resilient, that is coming from a place of fullness. These are children who know how to work through their own challenges as they watch their parents work through theirs.”  - The Moms I Know

Maria shares all the details about her upcoming program, Parenting with Intention & Joy, which is a 4-month online support program for moms all over the world offering inspiration and diverse content on key family issues as well as support and encouragement for the journey.  

Sheila shares about her program The Mom Map, which is a unique membership community designed to simplify and nourish motherhood with foundations in nutrition, education, and family culture.

Special offers are available for podcast listeners!  Contact us for more information!

Resources from This Episode:
Our Offerings: https://www.themomsiknow.com/our-offerings
Parenting with Intention & Joy: http://www.soquelessentials.com/parenting-program
The Mom Map: https://www.themommap.com
Contact Us: https://www.themomsiknow.com/contact/